Usage & Benefits

Hi-Vac 200 Series industrial vacuum loaders move dry material, wet material or liquids through up to 700 feet of vacuum hose or a Hi-Vac designed in-plant piping system using a powerful 18” Hg vacuum producer. The 200 Series industrial vacuum loaders feature easy-to-use controls and instrumentation to operate, monitor performance and protect critical components. Material is separated from the air stream with a patented 3 Stage Filtration System including a primary centrifugal separator that spins the air, causing most of the material to drop out of the air stream into the end dump hopper below. Air then moves through a secondary linear separator, which causes the air stream to speed up and change direction, dropping smaller fines and entrained moisture into the hopper. Finally, the air stream enters the dust collector housing where it passes through 12 envelope-style filter bags before moving into the vacuum producer and out into the atmosphere through an exhaust air silencer.

200 Series industrial vacuum loaders feature: Heavy-duty construction 3/16” steel plate, envelope-style filter bags offer lower air-to-cloth ratio resulting in longer filter life and lower cost, Standard Blower Protection Package: broken bag detector, low blower oil shutdown, high temperature safety shutdowns, PLC controller monitors system operations: should any shutdowns occur, maintenance personnel can quickly locate the problem, wet/dry material clean-up capabilities, positive displacement-type vacuum pump produces a vacuum of 18” Hg.


Vacuum Producer

Positive Displacement type producing a vacuum of 18” Hg

  • Three Stage System
  • Primary Centrifugal Separator
  • Secondary Linear Separator
  • Dust Collector (99.9 % efficient)
Air-to-Cloth Ratio

Ranges from 1.1 to 1 at 20 HP to 3.6 to 1 at 50 HP

Collection Hopper

Portable end dump hoppers 1, 1.5 and 2 cubic yard

Electric Motor Drive

1750 RPM TEFC motor 1.15 Service Factor Model performance ranging from: 20 HP to 50 HP

Time Totalizer

Indicates total hours of operation

High-Level Probe

Automatically shuts system down when hopper is full

Product Protection
  • Broken Bag Detector safety shut-down
  • Low Oil safety shut-down
  • High Temperature Safety shut-down
  • Vacuum Relief Valve set at 18” Hg
  • Automatic Bag Shaker
  • PLC Controller to monitor unit operation


Model 220

Model 225

Model 230

Model 240

Model 250