1. How long has Hi-Vac Products been in business?

We’ve been in business since 1969!


2. What is the average life expectancy of a Hi-Vac Vacuum System?

Depending on maintenance, one of our units can last 25-30 years!


3. Can Hi-Vac help with manifold design?

In fact, we prefer to help design the manifold system so we can identify any piping problems and ensure that our unit will work as efficiently and as effectively as possible.


4. How efficient are the filtering systems?

Hi-Vac is happy to send you documentation from the filter manufacturer to cover this issue thoroughly however we have filtered some of the finest particulate including radioactive waste through HEPA filtration and we have ULPA filtration available if required.


5. How much does a Hi-Vac Industrial Vacuum System unit weigh?

Our units are heavy-duty, constructed of A36 carbon steel. However, they are not too heavy to move around your facility.


6. Do you offer anything other than 480 volt?

We offer 240, 575, and 600 volt as well as 380 for international vacuum systems.


7. What is the material capacity of a Hi-Vac unit?

Portable Hi-Vac’s offer end dump hoppers in sizes of 1 cubic yard, 1.5 cubic yards, or 2 cubic yards. Stationary systems can have hopper capacities of a ½ yard through and including 10 cubic yards.


8. Do you offer units constructed of stainless steel?

Yes, Hi-Vac vacuum systems are available in stainless steel for use with corrosive or explosive type materials.


9. How do you ensure your vacuum systems are explosion-proof?

Along with the stainless steel option, our industrial vacuum systems are constructed with backdraft valves on the inlets of the system and on the piping, the bags and cartridges are grounded, there is a vent/suppression system, and NEMA 7/9 controls are available in addition to NEMA 4.


10. Will Hi-Vac provide on-site inspections?

We pride ourselves on our customer service. In fact, we will visit your facility to help you with issues even if you are using one of our competitors’ systems.


11. Will Hi-Vac rebuild a unit that has been in use for a long period of time?

Yes! We even offer rebuild services on competitive units. At Hi-Vac, the effectiveness of the system is more important to us than the sell. If we can keep your company running by doing a rebuild, we will do it.


12. How does the Hi-Vac quote process work?

While most of our competitors simply build to spec, Hi-Vac will visit your facility, inspect and evaluate your existing piping and manifold system, and base our quote on what we find. This not only ensures the accuracy of our quote, but it also enables us to give you a quote customized for you.