Hi-Vac Industrial Vacuum Equipment. The most powerful and versatile vacuum systems for industrial applications.

For decades, large industrial vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems have been utilized to clean up or transport a wide variety of materials, including aggregates, chips, powders, sand, dust, slurries, and liquids. Industrial systems designed to capture and recycle raw materials and waste streams often include vacuum and filtration systems as the basis of design. The simplest and most effective method for material clean up and transport is a well-designed industrial vacuum system.

Today, ever stringent regulations and standards on air quality and dust abatement are driving even more careful assessment of facility environmental and safety strategies. As indoor air quality requirements get more robust, a well-designed industrial vacuum system is integral to improving and maintaining indoor air quality at many facilities. Further, facility dust abatement strategies are a key factor in prevention of potentially dangerous explosive levels of dust accumulation. Air quality and dust abatement are no longer simply best practices and good housekeeping. They are critical to a strong safety record, facility efficiency, insurance compliance, and NFPA and OSHA requirements for a clean and safe industrial environment.

The incredible versatility of an industrial vacuum system is also a key driver in the strong demand for the technology. Large industrial vacuum systems are used for a wide range of material clean up solutions but also are often used for product transport within or between processes, to solve logistical challenges by providing pneumatic conveying of product and raw materials, and for cost-effective recycling solutions.

The versatility and effectiveness of large industrial vacuum systems make them the preferred technology for the most demanding material handling challenges and applications.

The capability to effectively capture and transport material is only part of the story. Designing an efficient industrial vacuum system requires a complete understanding of both application and system design to avoid unneeded system losses, high energy usage typical of systems that do not correctly match system components, or unneeded down time and maintenance associated with a poorly designed system.

At Hi-Vac, we have perfected the large industrial vacuum system by engineering the total package to maximize flow, optimize filtration, minimize pressure losses, and assure flexibility and longevity. We then have applied these optimized designs to a full range of vacuum systems specifically designed for a wide range of applications. The result is a complete line of large industrial vacuum systems that set the industry standard for performance and reliability.

Our mission at Hi-Vac is to provide the very best vacuum system technology and equipment. To accomplish this, we provide a comprehensive range of world-class products and services specifically designed to support specialty contractors and industrial applications.

Hi-Vac equipment has operational cost efficiency built in, resulting in an industry-leading return on investment with maximum safety and ease-of-operation. Our innovative products feature only the highest quality blowers, filter receivers, separators, hoppers, and control systems, providing the highest level of performance and maximum uptime. Customers with the most demanding applications recognize the Hi-Vac difference and overwhelmingly choose Hi-Vac large industrial vacuum systems.

Our unique modular design concepts deliver clean and intuitive controls and simple maintenance accessibility for critical system components. Our modular design also allows us to size our exclusive Powerhead to the application and then match a complete range of hoppers, controls, and options to meet project requirements.

Each Hi-Vac industrial vacuum system is engineered, manufactured, and quality-tested at one of our world class manufacturing facilities.

Each sale is supported through factory direct personnel or local authorized representatives who are expert at training, operation, and maintenance of our products.

At Hi-Vac, we make it our business to know the application as well as the engineering and manufacturing of our products. Our staffs of engineers, service technicians, and training professionals work hand-in-hand with our customers and local partners to provide personal training, start-up, and aftermarket support.

At Hi-Vac we pride ourselves in delivering the best value featuring:

  • Innovative and cost-effective products
  • Robust and reliable components
  • Operator-friendly designs
  • Highest performing and most reliable large industrial vacuum systems
  • Best engineering, manufacturing, and quality processes
  • Highly trained local field training and operational support
  • Knowledgeable and customer-focused support professionals

Why Hi-Vac?

It’s simple. At Hi-Vac, we offer the best products, systems, and support resulting in the most reliable and cost-effective performance.