Usage & Benefits

The DrumVac industrial drum vacuum is available in three models: DrumVac 150 and 180 utilizing 15 and 18 HP. All drum vacuum equipment models are equipped with a vacuum producer that is capable of providing vacuum up to 16″ Hg. This drum vacuum unit is designed to vacuum dry material, wet material, or liquids. DrumVac industrial vacuum equipment is very effective utilizing our optional “Drum Topper.” The Drum Topper, combined with a standard 55-gallon drum, functions as an intercept hopper that collects the majority of the material in a convenient easy-to-handle drum before the material reaches the unit. The smaller remaining particles continue to the unit through the vacuum hose and enter through a deflector plate inlet. The material drops in to the hopper prior to the air moving upward and passing though a single cartridge filter. The air then goes through the vacuum producer and exits from the silencer. DrumVac drum vacuums are low-maintenance, simple-to-operate machines that offer more productivity for the user.

DrumVac drum vacuum equipment features: heavy-duty construction 3/16” steel plate, positive displacement-type vacuum pump capable of up to 16” Hg, continuous reverse pulse air filter cartridge cleaning, abrasive-resistant material inlet assembly, smaller overall footprint for compact spaces, adjustable support stand legs to allow material discharge into bulk bags or 55-gallon drums.


Vacuum Producer

Positive Displacement type producing vacuum of 16″ Hg

  • Two Stage System
  • Primary Deflector Plate Inlet
  • Single Cartridge Dust Collector
Compact Portability
  • Transport easily with pallet jack
  • Collapsible, adjustable support legs
Electric Motor Drive
  • 1750 RPM TEFC motor
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • Model performance include 15 & 18 HP

On/Off Push Buttons

Product Protection
  • Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Flip Top Valve



Hi-Vac DV-150


DrumVac Industrial Vacuum System