Usage & Benefits

Hi-Vac Stationary vacuum systems are available in a variety of configurations to provide the right level of performance for your unique application. When connected to a custom designed Hi-Vac manifold piping system, these modular industrial vacuum loaders can be used as an in-plant central vacuum system with multiple pick-up points or as a pneumatic conveying system transferring material from one point in your process to another. This arrangement provides a central location for maintenance and operation and fewer moving parts than a traditional belt conveyor system. Power modules for these stationary vacuum systems feature a robust positive displacement rotary lobe type blower with ductile iron impellers, which is driven by a TEFC electric motor. Power modules are available with horsepower ranging from 20 to 75 Hp and a maximum vacuum pressure of either 15” or 16” Hg depending on which model you select. Hi-Vac stationary industrial vacuum loaders are equipped with a complete package of instrumentation and product protection controls that include panel-mounted start/stop push-button, filter bag differential pressure gauge and dirty filter shutdown, vacuum gauge and high vacuum relief valve, as well as a hopper full level control with automatic shutdown. Many of these items are standard features for select stationary vacuum system models. In order to assemble a complete vacuum loading system, these power modules can be paired with one of five different filter/receiver modules that range in size from ½ to 2 cubic yards. These Hi-Vac filter/receivers can be set up with a variety of different discharge devices to meet your specific requirements, including double dump valves, rotary valves, butterfly valves, pinch valves and slide gates. No matter if you need to discharge your material into a bulk bag, an open container, or re-introduce it back into your process Hi-Vac has an industrial vacuum loader solution for you.

Hi-Vac Stationary industrial vacuum loaders are a modular system offered in numerous possible configurations. A power module paired with one of our various filter receivers allows you to select a stationary vacuum system that is tailored for your specific application. Whether used to collect material in a single location or with a custom, Hi-Vac designed, in-plant manifold system with many pick up points, a Hi-Vac stationary industrial vacuum loader will get the job done.

  • 20HP – 75HP drive system
  • Pressure ratings from 15” to 16” Hg
  • Airflow capabilities from 400 CFM up to 1800 CFM
  • Low air to cloth ratios
  • Continuous reverse pulse timer operated filter cleaning
  • Access to the filter assemblies is through a hinged top mounted door
  • ½ through 2 cu. yds. capacity bottom discharge material collection hopper
  • Hinged hopper cleanout door
  • Inlet with centrifugal separation or wear resistant impact style material separation


Power Modules
  • Hi-Vac Stationary vacuum systems feature a heavy-duty, positive displacement rotary lobe type blower with ductile iron impellers
  • TEFC electric motor drive with optional engine drive systems available
  • Horsepower ranges from 20 through 75
  • Maximum vacuum pressure of 16” Hg
  • Skid mounted design allows for remote installation
  • Control panel options available from NEMA 4 through NEMA 7 & 9 explosion proof
  • Stationary vacuum systems are equipped with motor starters and step down control transformers
  • All stationary industrial vacuum loaders come with a complete package of instrumentation and product protection controls which include:
  • Panel mounted start/stop push-button
  • Filter bag differential pressure gauge
  • Dirty filter shutdown with automatic shutdown
  • Vacuum gauge
  • High vacuum mechanical relief valve
  • Hopper full level control with automatic shutdown
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Low air pressure shutdown
Filter Receivers
  • ½ cubic yard through 2 cubic yard material storage capacity
  • Sock type or Gortex cartridge filtration available
  • Filtration from 95.72 up to 760.28 square feet of filter media
  • Filter receivers can be set up with a variety of different discharge devices to meet your specific requirements including:
  • Double dump valves
  • Rotary feeders
  • Butterfly valves
  • Pinch valves
  • Slide gates