Usage & Benefits

Hi-Vac 800 Series heavy-duty industrial vacuum systems offer a simple design that is easy to operate. These heavy-duty units easily vacuum solids, liquids and anything in between utilizing two stages of filtration that include a primary radial flow inlet with a replaceable, abrasion resistant panel and a cylindrical dust collector with up to four filter cartridges. The filter cartridges are continuously cleaned by reverse pulses of compressed air from a dual header arrangement that can be fed by local plant air or by an optional air compressor. Filter cleaning can be switched between automatic and manual modes with a selector switch as necessary. This low-maintenance, heavy-duty industrial vacuum system gives the user the versatility to optimize equipment performance, and maximize the life of the filter cartridges.

Heavy-duty construction 3/16” steel plate, GORTEX wide pleat filter cartridge is the No. 1 rated filter cartridge on the market. This cartridge allows material to be cleaned easily without packing like one can experience in tighter-pleated cartridges. Reverse air pulse filter cleaning with automatic and manual settings, wet/dry material clean-up capabilities, positive displacement-type vacuum pump produces a vacuum of 16” Hg.


Vacuum Producer

Positive Displacement type producing a vacuum of 16” Hg

  • Two Stage System
  • Primary Radial Flow Inlet
  • 99% efficient Cartridge Dust Collector
Control Panel
  • NEMA 4 Panel
Collection Hoppers

Portable end dump hoppers 1 and 2 cubic yards

Electric Motor Drive

1750 RPM TEFC motor 1.15 Service Factor Models available from 20 to 75 Horsepower

Time Totalizer

Indicates total hours of operation

Product Protection
  • High level probe/hopper full shut-down
  • Vacuum Relief Valve set at 16” Hg
  • Reverse Air Pulse filter cleaning with automatic and manual settings



Hi-Vac 800 Series Air Lift Feature

Hi-Vac 800 Series Lid